We donate enough for Project Seagrass to plant 3 seagrass seeds

With the sale of each robe, we contribute funds that equal the amount for planting three seagrass seeds

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Enhance your natural adventure with Inhabit


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With the sale of each robe, we contribute funds equal to planting three seagrass seeds.


With Pack straps

Perfect for taking on your adventure

Recycled Material

Rediscovering our connection

Pastel Colours

The most stylish robes in the UK


Our mission is to help people return to nature. Through our connection with the planet we can empower our senses and live consciously.

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Free delivery on all robe orders


3 seagrass seeds planted for every robe purchase


Make an easy return within 30 days


Our products are made from recycled materials

Inhabit Endeavor Robe - Inhabit

Making time for the outdoors

This can be a challenge during our busy schedules. We aim to help you enjoy a natural reprieve comfortably.

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