We donate enough for Project Seagrass to plant 3 seagrass seeds

With the sale of each robe, we contribute funds that equal the amount for planting three seagrass seeds

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Eco Mission

Inhabit Consciously

We sport the hashtag #InhabitConsciously, this isn't to pose or to compete.

But we believe that when we actively get out and connect with the outdoors, we will naturally become more mindful of our environment. We believe in connecting and giving back...

Our Commitments

Nature to your door

With every purchase we send out a personalised thank you, you can plant the seed-paper it's written on.

Plant seagrass seeds

With the sale of each robe, we contribute funds equal to planting three seagrass seeds.

Recycled materials

We aim to source sustainable materials, creating our products with recycled materials.


Our mission is to help people reconnect with the natural world with complete comfort and confidence when using our products.

Each Purchase Donates to Project Seagrass

We're supporters of Project Seagrass

Seagrass plays a vital role in our planet. It provides habitats for thousands of different species, livelihoods for entire communities, and it's beneficial for our climate - absorbing vast amounts of carbon.

Read more at Project Seagrass - they're doing incredible work and it's astounding to see how overlooked this imperative organism was up until they started their work in 2013. 

Unfortunately, there are numerous factors that affect seagrass, much of the destruction has come from dangerous fishing, climate change and more. 

Nature at Your Doorstep

There's no need to leave your home, let nature come to you. Each purchase comes with a personal thank you on card made from seed-paper.

Plant your seed-paper and watch the wildflower grow. We celebrate big and small wonders of nature and you can too.

Follow these instructions:

Gather the supplies. You’ll need seed paper (which we send you), a shallow container or tray, potting soil, and water.

1. Prepare the seed paper. Cut the paper into small pieces (about 1-2 inches in size) and place them in the container or tray.

2. Add water. Slowly add water to the container until the paper is completely soaked.

3. Plant the paper. Once the paper is soaked, spread it out in the container and cover it with a layer of potting soil.

4. Place in the sun. Place the container in a sunny spot and water it every day.

5. Watch it grow! After a few days, you should begin to see the seeds sprouting from the paper. And there you have it! With just a few simple steps, you can have a beautiful and unique addition to your garden.



Our robes and socks are made from recycled materials