We donate enough for Project Seagrass to plant 3 seagrass seeds

With the sale of each robe, we contribute funds that equal the amount for planting three seagrass seeds

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Here at Inhabit, we're committed to helping people reconnect with their home - nature

It's integral to connect with our natural environments in order to better our innate knowledge, senses and to become conscious in how we home our planet. 

Inhabit is a small UK-based brand that specialises in colourful, lightweight and stylish robes.

Who we are


"Inhabit," our brand name, draws inspiration from the profound concept of biophilia


Rooted in the biophilia hypothesis, our brand's messaging revolves around the inherent human connection with nature. 

The Biophilia Concept

This alignment with the principles of biophilia informs our approach to promoting a mindful and intentional lifestyle that prioritises the well-being of both individuals and the natural environment they inhabit.

Offering products that celebrate and invite the presence of the natural world into our everyday lives.

We embrace the belief that humans have an innate affinity for the natural world, and through our products and ethos, we strive to foster this bond between people and the environment. 


Inhabit's co-founder, Katy, sees water as the perfect vehicle for connection with the natural world. Through scuba diving in the ocean and wild swimming in lakes, Katy has experienced this first-hand.

It's long been a dream of Katy's to cultivate colourful clothing designs that can help adventurers enjoy nature in comfort with complete confidence.

Inhabit realises Katy's vision, which expands further than the robes, adopting the biophilia concept to help us overcome obstacles and tap into our natural senses.

Inhabit Consciously

Often, to live sustainably or talk about being eco-conscious connotates signalling or competition. Here at Inhabit, we believe that there's no need for competition or pressure. Instead, we encourage reconnecting with the planet. 

 While enjoying the outdoor world and our surroundings, we become more mindful, subsequently helping us reunite with the natural flow of our planet and its importance in our day-to-day lives.


Partnered with Project Seagrass

As part of our mission to help people reconnect with the natural world around them, we have partnered with Project Seagrass.

Read more about our partnership with Project Seagrass here for what we donate per purchase and why it's important.