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DryRobe Alternatives

DryRobe Alternatives - Inhabit

At Inhabit, we aim to offer you the ideal DryRobe alternative. As the original brand - DryRobe, continues to dominate the market, offering outdoor clothing for watersports - it's left a gap for those who want to showcase beautiful, colorful, and durable robes.

Please note: This is an opinion piece helping those looking for alternative options to the popular brand Dryrobe, all brands mentioned here, including Inhabit are in no way associated with Dryrobe.

That's where Inhabit steps in - we offer the two most stunning pastel colors for nature enthusiasts. Helping you embrace comfort in the natural world, affording you confidence as you reconnect with the natural world.

What Are the Best DryRobe Alternatives?

There's no shortage of changing robe options with something for everybody. The advantage that Inhabit's co-founder Katy has is that she's spent years becoming an expert on what makes a good robe, trialling her favorites and putting them to the test outdoors.

Katy's take on the best Dryrobe alternatives is here - with her DryRobe comparison guide.


DryRobe is the original DryRobe brand. The product is a changing robe, but this brand is so popular that most people are under the impression that changing robes are called DryRobes.

DryRobe deserves much credit - for providing people with the first well-known changing robe. Essentially, it offers the masses a wearable towel with a soft inner lining and a waterproof outer shell.

The hardy robes don't have the colors that everybody wishes for, thus we have witnessed the birth of several new changing robe companies.

Gorilla Robes

Affordable changing robes with a twist, they're pullover robes with a front pouch pocket. Kangaroo pockets allow you to place a hot water bottle in the front.

Made from recycled polyester - this is the cheapest recycled robe available. It's bulky and hard to roll-down, but is great for dog walkers.

Osprey Changing Robe

A lightweight and budget choice - it isn't the warmest, but for the price, it's a great option. It comes in plain colors, but it does offer a two-way zip and a waterproof exterior.

There are only long-sleeved versions (same as most of the best dryrobe alternatives). This robe feels great and is half the price of other options.

Seashell Changing Robe

Seashell is a high-quality changing robe with adjustable velcro cuffs and a waterproof outer layer, and it is now made from recycled materials.

They have improved as time has gone on, and their focus is on mental well-being, offering a community feel with their events for athletes.

They emphasise cold water sports, meet-ups, and providing quality for athletes.

Inhabit Changing Robe

After testing all of the above, we have taken the aspects that we feel are important—providing a waterproof changing robe made from recycled fabrics.

We brandish stunning pastel colours, that separate us from anything else. And our mission is to reconnect people with nature. Bring serenity, peace, and natural adventure to explorers (new and experienced).

We have integrated the biophilia concept into our mission. These changing robes showcase taped seams, a waterproof and windproof outer shell, and a soft fleece lining for the colder weather.

Our Inhabit Robes are perfect for dog walkers, explorers, wild swimming, and much more - ensuring you can stay warm in all weather.

  • Stunning pastel colours

  • Made from recycled materials

  • Draws inspiration from the profound concept of biophilia

  • Double Zip Closure

  • Plant 3 seagrass seeds for every purchase made

  • Provides nature to your doorstep

Is a Dry Robe Worth the Money?

Changing robes are not cheap - but they are made to last and keep you warm in all weather. They offer the perfect exit from cold water, with a towel fleece lining and a waterproof outer layer.

They're super comfortable and are known to be versatile. We believe they're worth their price, giving plenty of value.

We aim to offer great value, giving you high-quality changing robes for less than our competitors. Get a recycled, heavy-duty robe that will look good out in the elements.

Can I Wear My DryRobe as a Coat?

Whether you wear your changing robe as a coat is down to you. Some are more stylish as coats than others; our robes are colourful and look great as everyday coats for the beach, walking the dog, outdoor swimming, or for cold, wild swimming.

Wear the robe as you please; they're versatile and look great. They're much longer than coats, but robes are now recognised as stylish, comfy additions to your wardrobe.

What is the Difference Between a DryRobe and a Changing Robe?

A DryRobe is a brand, whereas a changing robe refers to all changing robes, including DryRobe and many other brands.

DryRobe is recognised as a pioneer, but many other robes are available. Find the changing robe for you; a perfect dryrobe alternative is waiting for you to buy.

What to Look for in a Changing Robe

Here are some things to consider when choosing your DryRobe alternatives:

A Brand That Cares

Find a brand that cares, a transparent brand that practices what they preach. This means someone who gets outdoors to use robes and also gets involved in eco projects and missions.


Some brands now create their robes out of recycled plastic bottles and recycled materials.

Find a robe made from recycled materials and find out more about their mission. With so many eco-friendly options, why would you go for anything else?

Colours & Style

Find a colour that suits you - there are stylish options available. Find beautiful colours with long sleeve robes that offer a waterproof changing robe that can be worn as a coat.

You don't want anything too bulky, or something that you're embarrassed to wear. Find a change robe you are happy to throw on at any time.

Waterproof & Windproof

Enjoy the waterproof and windproof outer shell and the sherpa fleece lining inside, the warm sherpa fleece will keep you nice and warm.

This is what all robes are about so make sure they are up to the challenge.


Find a change robe within your budget - they're not cheap. But they last a long time and offer the perfect protection.

You can get budget robes but the better quality is usually available at a higher price point. Find great value for money with a robe sure to keep you warm, stylish and safe from the elements.