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Waterproof Changing Robes

Find our 100% wateproof changing robes with both the Serenity Blue and Endeavour lines.

Both of these adult robes are the perfect option for wild-swimming, walks, SUP paddleboarding, surfing and more.

Our robes have been made from recycled materials and offer complete waterproof levels, sure to keep you dry and protected.

What Are Waterproof Changing Robes?

Changing robes are great robes for those that need to change in public, the oversized fit allows for room to change discreetly under the robe. Being waterproof, these robes also offer great protection from the rain or splashes when near water.

Can I dry in a changing robe?

Our robes are perfect to speed up your drying process, step out of the water and wrap yourself up in warm, while remaining protected from the weather.

The robes have a moisture wicking inner fleece that is warm and allows for quick drying, although they work best when accompanied with a towel.

Waterproof Features

Our Inhabit Robes are completely waterproof, our outer-recycled material provides up to 3,000mm in waterproof levels.

Find our Endeavour waterproof robe or use the beautiful Serenity Blue as you outdoor buddy, sure to keep you warm and cosy.

What is the point of a changing robe?

There are plenty of desirable features to robes that make them ideal for outdoor sports, walks and wild-swimming, here are just a few:

  • Change discreetly under the robe
  • Help you dry quick
  • Waterproof and windproof, keeping you protected
  • Warm you up with the fleece lining

Inhabit robes

Here at Inhabit Wear, we believe that by immersing yourself into nature, you'll enjoy a full-circle of benefits that also give back..

Women's Waterproof Changing Robe

Inhabit changing robes are for women and men alike.

Although the Endeavour has been favoured by women, our robes are all-inclusive and available for anybody who has an eye for a stunning pastel colour.

Although unisex, our robes have been especially appreciated by women with our feminine Endeavour colour and our bright Serenity Blue for both men and women.

How to Wash a Changing Robe

Our Inhabit Changing Robes may be light but they are 100% waterproof and easy to clean

You can spot clean them with a wipe without the need to continuously we deter you from loosely throwing them in the wash as it will effect the waterproof outer over time. Made to last, you will get years use from your robe but as with any waterproof material, it's better to wash it less.

To ensure your robe keeps you dry for a long time, use our robe washing instructions.

Sizing for Your Changing Robe

Sizing for changing robes can be a difficult to task for newcomer, due to their oversized design.

Ultimately, the robe should be big on you, allowing you room to change underneath and remain discreet.

With that said, many people enjoy using robes for general use. Use our size guide for changing robes for exact height to robe ration, women's sizes and men's sizes.